Current relief work being done in KZN.

We are currently in collsboration with various companies and with their respective NGO’s including support from private donors assisting with dry food hampers and necessary items.

These are then distributed to the local community on the doorstep to the White Mountain Resort in the Wembezi area in Escourt.

In addition, we also personally prepare hot meals at least once a week as a feeding scheme to the local community.

Akanai has worked closely with local municipality (COGTA) and councilors in Escourt to obtain the necessary COVID-19 relief work permits and operated under their support and guidance.



Has 60 Female Pensioners who are residents of the Igugulethu Luncheon Group in the Wembezi KZN area. They are a smart, sassy and independent group of women who keep fit daily by utilising an unkempt soccer field within their community.

Akanani plans to raise funds in assisting to revamping the soccer field for the use of the greater community sports facility.



This community houses approximately 15 families on the property that is fully owned by the community. The property is 1300 hectares wide and is a fully functional farming community.

This facility houses the necessary warehousing and storage facilities for the purposes of cultivating the land and using the fields for the raising of cattle. These initiatives will support the community in become self-sustainable and boost their confidence and moral.

The land is currently not been used for anything and has graciously been ceded/pledged to ASRDG for the above purpose.

The Midlands orphanage and care centre (Ikhaya Lethu) There are approximately 100 orphans of all different ages whom are taken care of through boarding facilities and have the opportunity to be schooled through different educational platforms.

Hereto ASRDG have been given the opportunity to take over the orphanage to pursue the objectives as a collective