• The mission of Akanani Sports & Recreation Development Group is to become the leading provider of strategic initiatives and services to NGO’s, NPO’s and Government and Corporates.
  • Akanani Sports & Recreation Development Group aims to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged, to form multilateral partnerships and with focused effort through education to equip people with tools and skills to become all they want to be.


  • Akanani Sports & Recreation Development Group is dedicated to building long-term relationships with clients through quality service delivery and customer support.
  • Akanani Sports & Recreation Development Group offers a comprehensive range of services to support the SOUTH AFRICAN communities through close alignment with the local and provincial government across all provinces.
  • Akanani Sports & Recreation Development Group’s target market being the underprivileged communities in dire need of upliftment.


  • To develop and implement sustainable long term projects all driven through business initiatives.
  • Lobby with local MECs and government institutions together with communities, schools, social clubs, etc to create a healthy relationship and develop a solid footing to implement self sustainable additional projects.


  • To develop interactive, organizing and administrative skills of young participants.
  • Create wider opportunities in sports, management, business and related activities.


  • Communities and schools.
  • Sports enthusiasts and supporters.
  • Empathizes in religious institutions and business groups.


  • Develop working groups and deliver training in wider business opportunities in relation to the project.
  • Set up sporting events and programs.


  • Creation of entrepreneurs
  • Job creation
  • Sustainable small businesses